Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Some reviews I did for sliceofpie they didn't like these very much.

I understand that neo-country is a thing but its not a thing that is good. You can bet Hank Williams is turning in his grave to think these bronzed soul patch bros are churning out this crap and calling it country. I feel nothing when listening to this. Country used to have a soul and was more punk than when punk was punk. Now its like your weird uncle taking a dump in a McDonalds bag and telling you its french fries. Just don't.

I could hear this shrieking in the background of some outdoor club in Miami, which is not a bad thing. The lyrics are surprisingly pleasing and not horribly sexual, which makes listening to this song slightly less annoying. Dancing to the beat this song seems like it would be sort of fun after a couple tequila shots. The sample that literally every DJ uses feels like a thousand bees are trying to penetrate my brain. I will never understand why that is the chosen noise. It definitely fits in with all the mind numbing idiots that could care less what song is playing and more about their spray tan and cheap drugs.

Sounds like another one hit wonder, some girl with a middle class upbringing just really going for it. Guaranteed she didn't even write the song her self so its hard to relate to. The electric acoustic guitar is a nice touch. Makes for flash backs of when Michelle Branch was relevant. If this track wasn't over produced and they shoved a mic in her face after sobbing into a glass of whiskey I might consider rating it a little higher. Until then moving on.

There is some heart in this song but you can add this one to the list of cheesy neo-country rock ballads that involves a dirt road. The originality of this song is not there. Yes they can play their instruments but it seems forced and plastic. The emotions that are evoked from this song are both fury and sadness that our society actually considers this music. Someone needs to tell them its already been done and beaten and buried.

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